Speciaalclub Natuurbroed Gouldamadine Nederland

Since the establishment of the special club Natuurbroed Gouldamadine Nederland (SNGN), more and more growers have switched to natural brood and have become members of our association. The large number of around 700 members with their experiences and expertise has meant that today’s gouldamadine is of high quality.

In addition, there is an increase and development in the field of mutant culture. In the meantime, several books have been published about the gouldamadine.

Nevertheless, there were sufficient reasons for the SNGN to again make a thorough reference work on the experiences and knowledge so far.

This book has been compiled by the members of the technical committee of the SNGN and is provided with current knowledge but also with recent photos of gouldamadines. This allows us to speak of a unique book.

The book is for sale on the TT of “Vogel 2009” in Apeldoorn at the SNGN stand.