Expert Tips for Moving from Furniture Removalists in Sydney

Moving is exhausting and there is really no way around that. Packing, hauling and unpacking stuff requires not just physical stamina but also mental energy. The process can be made even more stressful by being unprepared. According to furniture removals Sydney experts, moving can be made less stressful and more tolerable with proper planning. Moving shouldn’t be a one-day affair – it should be a weeks or months’ process.

Packing, known to be the worst part of moving, can actually become the most enjoyable part of the process. Have a look at what furniture removals Sydney experts have to advise on seamless moving.

Create a binder specifically dedicated for the move

It is important to keep a binder to help you keep track of everything involved in the move from receipts to budget breakdowns and to-do-lists. Make use of colored page dividers or highlighters so as to easily access important sections. The binder is going to be particularly useful for taking down reminders or mental notes about where certain items need to be packed for the move or where they are packed. It is important to have a checklist to assist you in planning. You can download a pre-made moving checklist from the internet.

Calculate the costs and make a budget

Calculate the moving costs before you embark on the preparations. This will enable you to set a budget and to abide by it from start to finish. Whether you plan to hire furniture removals Sydney experts or move on your own, there are many expenses involved during a move. The costs can quickly add up if not planned properly. This might be the ideal time for you to find out the costs that your employer is going to offset if you’re moving due to a work station transfer. Moving costs to plan for include cost of hiring a furniture removalist, moving supplies, cleaning supplies, contingency and bills due in your old premises and those for your new place.

Order for supplies

Order for packing boxes and other supplies such as markers and tapes six weeks prior to the move. You might have to purchase the boxes but if you start planning early, you can get them for free. Supermarkets and stores have lots of boxes that are not in use. They can spare some for you on request. This is a smart cost saving strategy if you are on a stringent budget. However, you might need to buy specialty containers for delicate and valuable items.

Hire your furniture removalist wisely

There are many furniture removalists Sydney has to offer but not all of them are competent. Screen them completely before you hire them and don’t just pick the cheapest company. A low bid might mean low quality of services. Check that the company has the right moving equipment and trucks, a license and insurance as well as good reputation.

Start packing early

Packing should start as early as one month prior to the moving day. Start by packing the most infrequently used items. While packing label each box – the content and room it’s destined for. Pack the valuable items in a safe and make sure that you transport them personally. Items that you’ll need immediately after the move should be labeled “essentials” for easy accessibility.