Why You Should Go With Laminate Flooring Over Wooden Flooring

Planning nice flooring for your new house or property? Need flooring which looks like wooden flooring. but with more durability? Well then, laminate flooring is the best solution for you. The new generation laminate flooring in Geelong delivers quality, class and durability. It blends fairly well and comes with a reasonable price tag.

The problems with wooden flooring

If you are still obsessed with the looks of wooden floors and need something similar,here are few points you need to consider before you finally go with wooden flooring:

  • While wooden flooring will initially look great, with ageing, it will accumulate scratches, dents, and minor cracks here and there, and gradually your once polished floor will transform to a dented, scratchy, dulled surface. This will surely sour the otherwise harmonious interior of your nicely decorated property.
  • With time, wood may also get infested with termites and beetles, thus making the floor creaky, dusty and unhygienic.
  • Wooden floor can be quite expensive, but doesn’t give you a decent return on your investment as it starts losing its beauty with time.
  • Wood may catch fire during an accident.
  • It is not water resistant, and will rot if frequently exposed to water logging or too much moisture.

Because of these reasons, laminate flooring wins over conventional wooden flooring because it does away with all the disadvantages commonly found in wooden flooring.

Why laminate flooring is better than wood flooring

Laminate flooring in Geelong is better than wooden flooring for several reasons, and the more popular ones are as follows:

  • Laminate costs are more reasonabe compared to wood
  • It won’t catch fire ever
  • It is resistant to abrasions, so it will not allow scratches and dents  to form on it, which is a common occurence with wood flooring.
  • No matter how high the foot traffic is on laminate floors, it can withstand constant strain and pressure.
  • Laminate flooring is highly durable.
  • It is water resistant and won’t lock any moisture inside.
  • It won’t get stains from corrosives or chemicals, and is rather easy to clean with basic maintenance and simple floor wiping.
  • Mimics the look of authentic woodne flooring perfect. If you get tired of faux wood flooring, laminates also come in other variants like bamboo, cork floors, granite, etc.
  •  Installation is easy and time-efficient.

Many homeowners are now availing of laminate flooring in Geelong, and now you can do the same thing for your property without any hassle. Choosing a local supplier helps, as you get the flooring installed promptly, and also get the tiles supplied securely. There are several local laminate suppliers in Geelong, but you should go with the ones who would give you free consultations, as well as a professional installation. The best providers use high quality materials and get the job done right the first time around.

With nice laminate flooring, you get more than just aesthetically pleasing faux wooden flooring that brings you closer to nature. You also get high quality flooring that possesses enough durability to last a long time.