Improving your Emotional Intelligence: The Ideal Qualities of High EI Individuals and Valuable Tips

Do you know that New Zealand is just one of the many countries of the world that believe that Intelligent Quotient (IQ) isn’t the only component of a successful individual? They believe that IQ and the Emotional Intelligence (EI) must go hand in hand to pick the best employees. They also believe that anyone can improve his or her emotional intelligence through skills training.

Qualities of a Person with High EI

  • Doesn’t Aim for Perfection

People with high emotional intelligence know that perfection doesn’t exist. So, they set their minds to be always open to mistakes and shortcomings, and learn how to improve oneself moving forward. They are the kind of people who aren’t affected by failures but are motivated to do well the next time around.

  • Embraces Change

Emotionally intelligent people simply know that change is inevitable, that it is part of life. So instead of complaining and dreading change, they adapt to it and make themselves capable of working out the change that is happening – may it be a change of company policy or management, workstation or location, and other significant changes in both personal and social life.

  • Goal-Focused and Self-Motivated

High regard for high emotional intelligence in NZ give companies the assurance of having success-driven employees. People with high IQ (Intelligence Quotient) and EQ (Emotional Quotient) are believed to become more successful than those who only have high IQ but with lower EQ as the latter tend to be more focused and motivated even amidst different distractions.

  • Doesn’t Get Offended Easily

People with high EI are those who aren’t easily offended because of the fact that they know themselves fully. They are confident and open-minded, knowing that they have both strengths and weaknesses, which make them accept who they really are.

  • Optimistic

There are pieces of training for improving emotional intelligence NZ can offer. But one innate characteristic of an emotionally intelligent person is positivity in any situation. Instead of dwelling on the past mistakes and misfortunes, these people simply look at the brighter side and easily find ways to start anew. See more here Genos Solutions

  • Knows How to Say NO

Saying “no” means lessening stress and people with high emotional intelligence know this simple rule. Aside from that, emotionally intelligent people are firm when it comes to their commitments. They simply say no to avoid burnout, stress, and depression.

  • Knows How to Balance Work and Play

People with high EI simply know when to work and when to play. They know that working 24/7 isn’t a good lifestyle. They look for ways to disconnect from their work and from the world in order to find a place where they can be themselves – away from pressure and deadlines.

How to Improve Emotional Intelligence

  • The first tip to improve emotional intelligence is to be aware of your personal emotions, not as good or bad, but as a pivotal point for your self-awareness and improvement. Be an observer of yourself.
  • Break the habit of a person with low EI. Train yourself personally and create a list of the characters that you want to change. Always remember, the things that you always do become your habits, and your habits become your character.
  • Practice self-awareness, especially for your strengths and weaknesses. Then, get yourself into the habit of using your strengths for your success, and use your weaknesses to improve yourself.
  • Build your own emotional vocabulary as an important aspect of EI. Learn to name your emotions and be your own master.
  • Give yourself at least 15 minutes every day to meditate and evaluate yourself in terms of being productive, positive, and open-minded. Through this, you are learning the process of gaining higher EIs.

There is no such thing as one size fits all. The tips above may be helpful to one and may not be helpful to another. If you really want to improve your emotional intelligence skills to find your dream job, try to visit Genos International, a skills training provider to find emotional intelligence NZ believed to be a great contribution to a company’s success.